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How did this all Started!

ABOUT US - Proudly India

“The Space we Live, Says a lot about us”

Proudly India is the story of an ambitious vintage Lover who aspires to take the Golden Era Antiques to every corner of this planet. It is an ode to simplicity era whose distinctive values open the door to a contemporary style. The brand’s trademark style lies in its originality of replicating things. The use of natural materials like ‘used’ teak and mango wood, gives the feel of richness and vintage treatment gives depth and life to the pieces.

Proudly India is launched to have got the essence of Golden time and emotions, creating the perfect link between the seasons and generations. Serious yet authentic replica models with a contemporary touch for modern interiors and households.

In 2016, young entrepreneur, Vineetha V, founded Proudly India. Inspired by her trips round the planet, she then crafted her brand identity. That is when she realized: We shall never be able to do justice to Indian art. Ignorance and fanaticism have destroyed Indian art's greatest achievements, and have ruined the rest. This is her idea to take the Indian craftsmanship to the world and thus today, Proudly India is delivering decors to all parts of the world.

This visionary with unerring flair stamped her values into the DNA of Proudly India, including the love of a job well done, kindness, sincerity, attention to detail that makes all the difference, and the right dose of ease and elegance to all the products of Proudly India.

Her launch of Proudly India, is to have a revolution in the world of a Golden Era, transforming those priceless relics as an essential collection piece for today's modern lifestyle with longer durability and with more affordable cost considering the actual high-priced old collectibles available in today's market.

Proud Indian


Vineetha V